English version

Can we know a person as we taste a wine ?


Play for 2 actors in 4 parts,

Affichein French with english subtitles,
followed by a wine tasting.

Writing and Dramaturgy, Set Designers
Cyril Cosson & Philippe Souque
Staging, Acting Director and Lights Designer
Augustin Mulliez
Cyril Cosson
with Fred Encuentra’s collaboration


Duration : 65 minutes
Monsieur (cellar master and butler) : Philippe Souque
Jack (trader) : Cyril Cosson (or Julien Rivera)
And the Madeleine Loiseau’s voice-over


On May, 20 2015 at the « 125 » rue de Belleville in Bordeaux.
Creation residencies in 2015, from January to the February the 1st, from April the 30th to May the 20th.
Writting creation from September 2014 to February 2015.



A first glance ! First sound, first perfume, first gentle touch and off we go with a printed label in our back, bottled in! With someone new, the first five minutes are crucial. Its determine our futur relationship forever. This play intend to give us the keys to reappropriate this first meeting through a wine tasting initiation thanks to its codes, etiquette, vocabulary, inner thoughts and intuition.

Deconstructing our prejudicies and assumptions is the secret receipe to model our taste. It eases the way to a novative relationship with the world through a new lense based on the slow experience of men possessed by the quest for excellence. An experience cristalized in words and transmitted by a benevolent wise man.

Here lies BLIND TASTE ambition. A didactical, joyfull play, that tells us the story of Jack, an hurried intelligent young business man who just acquired a vineyard and his meeting with Monsieur, the living memory of the place.

A Confrontation between ancient and modern, master and servant, form and content, and last but not least between superficial and essential. Monsieur and Jack, in frontal opposition at first sight, succeed a chaotic harmonization of their existence thanks to a serie of unexpected misunderstandings.

The slow maturation of the vine as well as the state of the art winemaking will transform the two characters. Learning to taste, acquiring the vocabulary will come along with a new freedom in expressing our feelings. But at the end of any tasting, should we spit or not ? Should we stay sober or discover drunkenness ?

Philippe Souque & Cyril Cosson - 2015, May

"BLIND TASTE showcases the meeting of Monsieur, winemaker and experienced butler, with Jack, a young
trader-busy business man who has just acquired the vineyard.
The crowning of a brilliant success turns out to be an unexpected initiation for Jack : Monsieur undertakes to
convert his young master to excellence and refinement, introducing him to a wine tasting through the education of his five senses."

PHILIPPE SOUQUE, Author and Actor, Set designer

It’s by creating in 1985 the theatre company « Théâtre de l’Ivresse » with Philippe philippe
Puigserver, the imagination of Philippe Souque will definitely born on stage and
screens. After various adventures and professional studies around the globe (New
York, Barcelona, Melbourne ...), he directed and wrote, as the play Il y a des gens qui
croient que le temps passe in the L’OEil-La Lucarne’s theatre in 2001, Chairs de pères
with the Fludessence group in La Rochelle Festival and Petit Théâtre des Chartrons
in 2003/2004, L’Armée des Poètes for young audience in 2006. He began an opera
libretto for Clovis Bonnaud and Christian Lauba in 2007, staged operettas for Opera
Festival in Langon from 2008 to 2010. He will also be storyteller Légende et d’Histoires
du Bordelais in 2001 and a singer in a jazz quintet « All That Swing » from 1996 to
2004. He directed and starred in Le Peintre short movie, awarded at the Contis Festival,
and get a role in Urban Myths Chillersalongside Cécile de France and directed by Emmanuel Jespers. He is often also found on the stage of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux as in Così fan tutte by Emmanuelle Bastet in 2002 or in the Piccolo Così 2004 touring at the Théâtre de Nîmes. He produced 12 short films in particular when creating Kino Session in Bordeaux and participated as an actor in Famille d’Accueil episodes on France 3 TV and other series. He also devoted himself to contemporary art with the creation of an exhibition and a documentary film I am a part of Stanley Zonk. He plays Monsieur n BLIND TASTE, a role he created in 2015, May.

CYRIL COSSON, Author and Actor, Set designer and Sound

Integrating the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Bordeaux in 2003, Cyril attended a 3
years actor formation. In 2007, he flew to New York City for a year where he joined the Cyril Cosson
Bob McAndrew Studio, american acting studio, the main theme was acting in front of camera and American Acting technic. He followed in parallel an English course at Zoni Language Manhattan Institute. Since 2002 he appears in various french TV show "Le Train de Neuvic" (France 3), cinema in "Ici-Bas" by J.P Denis or in short films as well as in different plays, among others : "The Three Sisters" by Chekhov (Andrei / Rodé), "Much ado about nothing" (Don John) or "A midsummer night dream" (Lysander) by Shakespeare, "Agnes" by Catherine Anne (Ludovic)...
Since 2002 he regularly works on productions of the National Opera and Ballet of Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse, Orange or Lyon, a new passion for opera and classical music, with more than 57 productions until now, as a supernumerary or actor, including Madama Butterfly, Turandot, Carmen, Aida, The Magic Flute, Anna Bolena, Falstaff, The School of Wives, The Sleeping beauty, Tosca, Swan Lake, Don Giovanni, The Cid, Il Trovatore...He plays Jack dans BLIND TASTE, a role he created in 2015, May.

More informations: www.cyrilcosson.book.fr

AUGUSTIN MULLIEZ, Staging, Acting Director and Lights Designer

After the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Bordeaux and the International school of
Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Augustin worked with different theatre companies like Augustin
A travers Temps in Dordogne, Keti Irubetagoyena au 104, Théâtr’action, Soleil Nuit in
Bordeaux and La Cie Révages in Lille.
He participated in the staging of Orlando Arocha, Gaël Rabas, Marie Rouvray, Jean
Darie, Pascale Daniel Lacombe, Gérard Laurent and Jürgen Genuit.
Taking advantage of his stage experience, he produced several theater workshops and
interventions with the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies for training his eloquence
club price Mirabeau 2014 (work on rhetoric and verbal sparring), the Sonepar and
Colam companies (of speaking out), the Bayonne and Bordeaux Conservatoires and
the TNBA (Theatre National Bordeaux Aquitaine). Having staged and played Percolator
Blues by Fabrice Melquiot, he created in 2010 the theatre company Le Dernier Strapontin based in Bordeaux, became its producer, directed numerous theatre workshops and signs several plays including BLIND TASTE in 2015.

Le DERNIER STRAPONTIN's Theater compagny

Created by Augustin Mulliez in 2010, the theatre company Le Dernier Strapontin is a plle dernier strapontinatform to
help and broadcast artistic projects.

Its goal is to federate and mutualise artistic skills.
Our projects are based around a desire to tell a wide audience classic and contemporary authors through theatrical research.

The theatre company Le Dernier Strapontin, administred by the Association « Fais & Rêve », is located in Aquitaine. For more proximity and exchange with the audience, many shows were played in Bordeaux and surrounding areas as Pons in Charente, Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Targon, the Théâtre en miettes, Theatre Le Pont Tournant... The predominant idea is to shoot down the fourth wall.
Our objective is not talking to one insider public but to capture the attention until the last « strapontin » (jump seat).
Moving is to allow art to go « to people» to reach audiences that can not move because of reduced mobility, lack of finance and the significant distance from a major city.
We have also many diferent friends artists partners and theatre companies as Soleil Nuit (performances for young audience), the Collectif Os’o (TNBA), I AMSTRAMGRAM (music) in Bordeaux, and Hecho en Casa fot South America, the Collectif Night Shot (Tours), the company Rêvages from Lille (Théâtre du Nord)…

Blind tastE Broadcasting & Communication Manager: